What We Do

We offer a very wide range of construction services at Wilkinson Construction.

Although these different areas require many different skills, one thing remains the same, our focus on a quality end-product with the utmost attention to detail no matter what the job.

Wilkinson Construction manages your project from start to finish, hiring only professionals with reputations of excellence. Fully licensed and insured, we ensure your project gets done properly, precisely and looks great for years to come.

Wilkinson Construction possesses a wide range of experience and skill in: Sustainable custom home building, Expert roofing, Landscape for home and business, Century Timber Furniture, and machine work

Putting it All Together
Custom Homes

Not sure who to trust when it comes to building a home with all the features you ever wanted?

Want to make sure that your money is spent wisely when it comes to the right blend of rock solid construction techniques and all the comforts of home?


We are the right choice when it comes to putting it all together. Don’t leave your hard earned savings in the hands of a yellow pages builder.

We’ve earned our place in quality custom construction, and rely on our well satisfied customers for complete referral and repeat business. As any one of them will tell you, we don’t cut corners. It is our policy to educate and inform our clients before and during the building process. It’s this information that gives our clients the piece of mind that every inch of their project is up to and beyond standard.

You’re invited to take the next step, into the latest generation of housing. Our goal is not only to build the best quality, but to incorporate the latest proven building technology and most sustainable methods, including:

  • superior building insulation
  • solar thermal technology
  • low energy cooling techniques
  • large amount of renewable material

Please visit our Sustainable Building Section for more information on how you can incorporate some simple money saving and efficiency increasing components into your dream home.

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Top Notch
Roofing Experts

You can’t afford to take chances when installing a roof on your house! Whether it be a new roof or a re-roof, steel or asphalt, you need to make sure qualified people only, complete the job.

Are you sure your roofers know what they’re doing?

Find out more...

There are plenty of ways to save money on a roof, most result in leaks over time. Quality product, and good installation are essential to longevity of roofing materials. But that’s not all….

Your house breathes through all it’s surfaces, especially the roof. Proper ventilation is critical for a structure. Your attic is supposed to be the same temperature as the outdoors! Improper ventilation will result in heat build up, ice formation and water backup in winter and spring. In summer, extreme heat will break down your roofing products from the inside out.

This is just a small portion of knowledge your roofing company should have.

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Superior Strength
Custom Aluminum Work

Aluminum is used for a variety of things in residential construction. Having the ability to bend and shape aluminum without waiting for another company is an important asset.


Flashings, which prevent water leakage on siding and roofing applications, openings such as doors, windows and chimneys all require aluminum work. In addition to this, most fascia work on a typical residence is aluminum cladding.

We pride ourselves on making all of our own pieces on site out of heavy gauge aluminum only. Due to the nature of aluminum to expand and contract, our skills and knowledge allow us to make pieces that will not distort visibly due to summer heat.

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Dirty Jobs Big or Small
Bobcat and Excavator Services

We have the capacity to do a staggering amount of our own machine work! Not only does this increase the variety of services that we can offer, it prevents hold ups due to other contractors. When we’re ready, the job gets done.


Some of our services include:

  • Excavation
  • Drainage
  • Driveway
  • Backfill
  • Post Hole Drilling
  • Dry Stacked Stonework
  • Rubble Walls
  • Trenching
  • Final Grading
  • Material Transfer

We’d be happy to offer these services to you as part of your building package, or on an individual basis.

Call today, and tell us your dirty job!

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Bobcat and Excavator
Bobcat and Excavator
Bobcat and Excavator

More Than Construction
Landscape Design

Do you have a property that's missing something? Does your yard look neat and tidy, but is missing that WOW factor? Need drive by curb appeal?

Find Out How...

That's right, Wilkinson Construction also offers landscape design, and supplies the muscle to get the job done!

No matter what the task, we can tackle the job for you. You’d be surprised what some stone, some dirt and a little vegetation can do! Our combination of machine power and manpower lends itself to transforming your surroundings.

We can help you spruce up your yard with a little hands on advice and a few creative ideas. You’ll have the traffic stopper of the neighborhood!

Call or send an email, find out how we can help you!

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Landscape Design
Landscape Design

Superior Strength
Fabric Building Construction

Built for advanced strength using only concrete, steel and fabric. Superior to the competition,


More than 25 years of agriculture manufacturing experience has resulted in the GGS Tasco Dome. The Tasco Dome is simple in design for ease of construction yet engineered for unmatched strength and usability. GGS trusses are manufactured from square tube top and bottom cords and tied together with solid webbing.

All trusses are hot-dip galvanized after manufacturing for superior corrosion resistance. Covered with 12.1oz/yard fabric these structures are built to last.

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Fabric Building Construction
Fabric Building Construction

New Jobs for Old Timber
Century Timber Furniture

Century Timber Furniture is a division of Wilkinson Construction located in the hills of Creemore Ontario. All our products are handcrafted from authentic antique lumber, reclaimed from barns, formerly dotting the landscape of southern Ontario. These structures stood the test of time, usually for well over one hundred years, proving the craftsmanship with which they were built.

Find Out How...

The timber in these barns is of a quality not found often today. Shaped with axes, cut with two man saws and coupled with mortise and tenon joinery each piece an accomplishment by itself from a time when things were built to last.

All of our products share this quality, built sturdy and strong to stand the test of time, while still retaining the simple elegance that comes from well made furniture. Whether a customer is looking for a harvest table, kitchen table, coffee table, island unit or even just a simple bench, we make every piece to order.

At Century Timber Furniture we take pride in our work, and that’s reflected in all our products. In a time where everyone seems to need more time, we take our time, and do the job right.

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A Striking Showcase

Holmes on Homes - Lien on Me

Lien on Me

An unfortunate series of events caused a couple's home to be completely demolished, then rebuilt. Mike Holmes used this opportunity to illustrate what can be done using sustainable materials and renewable energy. Wilkinson Construction was contracted to assist with the construction of this project in various capacities.

Low Carbon Development

Sustainable Building

Low carbon development is a concept for more efficient use of resources in building. Wisely choosing materials and methods can substantially lower your monthly bills and your carbon contributions!

Wilkinson Construction: Selecting Your Builder

Priority number one when it comes to getting the job done should be selecting who it is you are going to be working with.  No matter if you’re waterproofing your basement, renovating your house or building from scratch, working with the right professional is key for client and contractor. Most peoples first thought when it comes to hiring a contractor [...]

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