History of Wilkinson Construction

Wilkinson Construction was started in 2004 by Evan Wilkinson, current owner, operator and licensed carpenter. Evan had apprenticed in both custom home construction and cabinetry three years prior, with experience in general construction beginning in 1999. Evan completed the carpentry apprenticeship program at Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, and graduated with honours.

Our Guarantee Construction Contract

If you’re interested in a custom construction project of any type, you’ve come to the right place.

We take a very realistic approach to finding you the best building design and construction solution. All work is carried out in a safe and professional manor with the needs and wants of the client front-and-centre.

Wilkinson Construction preserves a strong integrity by taking pride in each and every construction project. Our guarantee is the client's complete satisfaction.

Reliability is a main focus throughout all of our operations.

If we agree to show up, we actually do!

Commitment to Quality Construction

As things around us become lighter, thinner, cheaper and low grade, all our projects remain built to last. We have the experience needed to make sure you get a much superior project, than the slowly slipping standard.

Safety and Insurance

All workers and sub-contractors employed by Wilkinson Construction are insured with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board. We also carry the appropriate liability coverage.

Worker safety is a constant consideration. Every effort is made to work safely for you.

Check out our Many Services...

Century Timber Furniture

New Jobs for Old Timber
Century Timber Furniture

All our products are handcrafted from authentic antique lumber. Bring home your own piece of history, find out how...

Bobcat and Excavator

Dirty Jobs Big or Small
Bobcat and Excavator Services

We have the capacity to do a staggering amount of our own machine work preventing hold ups due to other contractors, find out more...


Superior Strength
Custom Aluminum Work

Having the ability to bend and shape aluminum without waiting for another company is an important asset. Find out more...

A Striking Showcase

Holmes on Homes - Lien on Me

Lien on Me

An unfortunate series of events caused a couple's home to be completely demolished, then rebuilt. Mike Holmes used this opportunity to illustrate what can be done using sustainable materials and renewable energy. Wilkinson Construction was contracted to assist with the construction of this project in various capacities.

Low Carbon Development

Sustainable Building

Low carbon development is a concept for more efficient use of resources in building. Wisely choosing materials and methods can substantially lower your monthly bills and your carbon contributions!

Wilkinson Construction: Selecting Your Builder

Priority number one when it comes to getting the job done should be selecting who it is you are going to be working with.  No matter if you’re waterproofing your basement, renovating your house or building from scratch, working with the right professional is key for client and contractor. Most peoples first thought when it comes to hiring a contractor [...]

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